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09:00 am

Early bird catches the worm

We wanna make it worth for people who join us on time. Don’t miss out this one!

10:00 am

Say hello to Mad Over Videos

Why we are obsessed with videos and why you should be too

10:10 am
Keynote 1 - Karthik Srinivasan

Targeting the 9 second attention span generation

10:30 am

Ad analysis 1

Power of humour and intelligent copy 

10:40 am

Keynote 2 - Achint Setia

Making your brand a HERO

11:00 am

Keynote 3 - Apurva Chamaria

Videos that move the sales needle 

11:20 am

Healthy Cravings tea break

Let’s grab some tasty snacks and start a conversation

11:45 am

Keynote 4 - Deepa Kedoor

Strategies for B2B video marketing

12:05 pm

Workshop 1 - Dr. Fahd Yazin

The neuroscience of film

12:25 pm

Keynote 5 - Aashish Chopra

The anatomy of a viral video

12:45 pm

You’ll need this break to digest all the food and gyan

It’s just a lunch break, you know... but it’s not like any other lunch break. Whether you are a connoisseur
of food or conversations, we’ve got you covered.

02:00 pm

Workshop 2 - Kishore KVM

The power of narrative - create your brand story

02:45 pm

Keynote 6 - Kumar Deb Sinha

The next frontier of content marketing

03:05 pm

Ad analysis 2

Simplifying complex ideas through animation

03:15 pm

Keynote 7 - Sree Sivanandan

The future of video tech

03:35 pm

Healthy Cravings tea break

Another one for your senses

04:00 pm

Workshop 3 - Aashish Chopra

Videos on a shoestring budget

04:30 pm

Keynote 8

There are no dull products, only dull marketing

04:50 pm

Ad analysis 3

Videos that move hearts

05:00 pm

Keynote 9 - Sneha Iype

It's not algorithm bots, it's human hearts

05:20 pm

Stand-up comedy - Anmol Garg

Nothing like a few laughs 

05:45 pm – 07:00 pm

Let’s catch up over beers

We love starters, be it a food or a conversation. We’ve some music to back it up, just in case you wanna tap your feet to the beat

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